Ace Print Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of Thermal Paper Roll and Computer Forms in Klang Valley, Malaysia. We are committed in supplying Highest Quality Product and provide Proffesional advise on the speciality paper needs to our customers.

Our Group Founder and the Top Management team has over 20 years of printing and paper experience in the industry. Ace Print Sdn Bhd is a young company, we are very honored that our business and establishment is widely recognized in Malaysia & Singapore due to our good reputation on products, services, and our supporting team and loyal customers.

Our Company

Ace Print Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of THERMAL PAPER ROLL and COMPUTER FORMS in MALAYSIA. We are committed in supplying Good Quality Products and provide Professional advice on the speciality paper needs to our customers.

We are very honoured that our business and establishment is widely recognized not only in Malaysia & Singapore, and we have continuous shipment export to Hong Kong, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our Business Growth lays on Trust, Intergrity and our Strong Commiment to our stakeholders. We will continue to Leverage on Technology and our team’s expertise on Printing & Paper Knowledge and Market Information to grow both our Dealers’ Business as well as to bring more cost saving to our Corporate Clients.

Our Products

Our products are Thermal Paper Roll, Cash Register Roll, ATM Rolls, Printed Customized Specialty Paper Roll, Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Barcode Ribbon, Computer Forms, Plotter Roll, Plan Printing Paper, Printed Boarding Pass, Printed Luggage Tag, Ticketing and etc. Products mainly used in Cash Register Printer, POS Printer, Credit Card Printer, ATM Machines, Kiosk Printer, Weighing Machines, Barcode Printers, Width Format Printer and so on.

Cash Register Roll

Our Customer

We work closely with our Dealers, Distributors and Wholesalers on our brands and OEM brands.

We also serve our Corporate Clients in Food & Beverage Industry, Retail Outlet, Supermarkets, Government Sector, Banks, Airlines, Gaming, Gas Stations, Hotels and etc.

What We Value

Proffesional & Intergrity

We value talents in their profession and passionate in growing together with our distributors and customers in their business.

We operate with Intergrity and Honesty in growing and leaping our customer base from domestic to overseas

Quality Assured

Our Quality Consistency is one of the important criterias to makes us grow with Confidence and Momentumn.

Word-of-mouth from our stakeholders on our Products Quality is our Motivation to where we are today.

Technology Leverage

We are pledged to pass the cost benefits to our customers through Leveraging Technology in business
growth contribute to efficiency in innovation, production, and excellent customer service with minimal resources and time.

Prompt Delivery

We know the Delivery is matter for our customers.

We have our Proffesional & Experienced Logistic Team to coordinate both our Inhouse & Outsource Transporters for Domestic and Overseas Delivery.